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Mains electricity

Electricity supply in Portugal is provided by Electricidade de Portugal (EDP).  Power provided by EDP is 220V AC, 50Hz single-phase or 380V AC, 50Hz three-phase.  This is the same as in most of mainland Europe and Africa.  It is different from that supplied in USA, UK, Ireland and most of anglophile Africa.  EDP normally provides connections to premises within 1-km of one of their transformers.  Owners of houses more than one kilometre from a transformer may request quotations for the installation of an additional transformer and a special line.

The charges for low-voltage domestic supplies are made up of three components: the fixed charge, the charge for energy consumed, and VAT.

The fixed charge depends on the type of supply contracted.  For low-income consumers there is a social rate.  Most consumers contract the standard rate.  Those that have over 60kWh (see below “Saving energy costs) night consumption may opt for the night rate.  This option is discussed later on.

The EDP is in the process of adjusting tariffs as they will be facing competition as from September 2006.

From January 2006 the electricity bills have suffered a change, you can now choose from a bill every 2 months or a monthly bill of an estimate amount. EDP will, in both cases, read the meters every 6 months.

The VAT rate for electricity is 5%.


How to request a new domestic supply

You can request a new domestic supply by phone (800 246 246) or at the local office of your electricity distribution company.  Their offices have a


Date Inserted: 23 June 2007
Last Updated: 23 August 2011
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