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Fixed telephone lines

For now there is only one company providing fixed telephone lines to homes, Portugal Telecom SA.  Connecting a telephone can be quite quick, often only one or two days.  On the other hand if your house is in a remote country area far from the telephone network be prepared for a long wait.  To open a contract you will need to go to one of the telephone company's offices, provide identification, sign the appropriate form, and present a copy of form Mod. 15.  They will need your full name, the full address of the house, a contact phone number, and your tax registration number.

You can submit a request to transfer a telephone number to a new house by post, fax or at one of the telephone company's offices.  You will need to include the new address, the contact phone number, date for transfer of the number, and a copy of form Mod. 15 to change the address.  Cancellation of a telephone contract must be in writing either by post, fax or at one of the telephone company's offices. The request should indicate the disconnection date, contact telephone to remove the equipment, and the address for final invoicing.

January of 2000, saw twelve new telephone communication companies. These operators cannot to date offer a local service, but have very attractive rates for regional, national and international calls.  To access their services you must become their client (sign a free contract). The monthly fee or “taxa de adesão” is free. Listed below the companies and respective codes:


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Date Inserted: 23 June 2007
Last Updated: 23 August 2011
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